5 Things That Can Damage Your Blog’s Ranking

Whenever you begin running a blog, you seek for achievements. You continuously desired to make your website popular and have many followers. You even experience gratefulness when a visitor posts a comment on your website. You are also satisfied when users go to your website regularly. You will absolutely be more satisfied if your blog will become effective by having an incredible number of guests and feedback on all posted content. Well, that is surely an advantage. But are you cautious that your website will not just vanish from the search results?
Naturally, you wouldn’t like to spend your time and efforts operating on your website only to see it tumble. Therefore, you must be conscious of the elements that may throw away your blog. Following are the 5 major things that can cause havoc and damage to your blog ranking:

Publishing Irregularly

When you start publishing irregularly on your blog, you can rest assure you will lose its rankings. For instance, if you were publishing two times per week, you might be publishing once monthly now. By following this irregular pattern of slow post updates, your visitors will consider your site ineffective because when they visit, them don’t find anything fresh to read. In the process, they will stop visiting your blog and your ranking will tumble.

Duplicating other’s content

One of the most fatal mistakes in blogging is to duplicate someone else’s content. Always make it certain that your content is unique. Prevent duplicating of content wisely from other designer’s site. Being unique is very essential to make your blog successful. So when you duplicate, you eliminate your own site. It is acceptable to acquire motivation from other weblogs but do not duplicate them. Keep in mind, there is a vast distinction between duplicating and being motivated.

Containing Several Bugs

Although it is normal to make blunders because we are not ideal. But when it comes to your content, you have to be certain that you do away with easy slip-ups. This contains misprint mistakes, punctuation, sentence structure, incorrect hyperlinks etc. These elements are just easy, so you have to be certain that you don’t mess up.

Full of dull and tedious posts

Do not write on a subject that will bore the visitors. Moreover, make your content energetic and let it immediately attract the visitors so that it will not be tedious. There must be a first-class strategy in writing blog posts. Follow a proactive strategy, spontaneity, opinions and instigate feedback. This way, you will not force your visitors to get bored.

Restrict sharing features

If your blog provides very few sharing options for the visitors rather than many choices, you will restrict your content. There are various social media plugins that you can add as buttons on your blog post which will enable readers to share from their respective accounts. You must incorporate all sharing buttons from Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Google+, Digg, Reddit, and LinkedIn.

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