25 Artistic Examples of Calligraphy for Inspiration

For those who are not aware, calligraphy is not a modern concept and has been prevalent since ages. It was originated back in the Greek era where ‘calligraphy’ was a collection of the words ‘kallos’ (meaning ‘beautiful’) and ‘graphe’ (meaning ‘to write’). Prior to the discovery of the printing press, literature in all forms was written manually. This meant that various expert scribes wrote on scrolls and parchments by means of quills. Even after the advent of digital printing and technology, the art of calligraphy is popular among designers and creative artists.

The unique stylized form of writing continues to impress people in this day and age. Moreover, there have been various digital fonts created that replicate the calligraphy art in order to be incorporated with ease. Calligraphy has been prevalently used by designers in typography, poster designs and other graphic artworks. Some of us have never seen a calligraphic artwork other than those in wedding cards.

That is why, to provide you with an inspiration of the hand-lettered calligraphy, here is a collection of 25 artistic and magical examples of calligraphic designs. You can gain a lot of learning and motivation through these artworks. Some of these calligraphies were digitized in the end, but all started manually with a pen.


1. Welcome to Transylvania

2. Abstract Calligraphy

3. Calligraphy Writing Showcase

4. Callygraphy

5. Elle

6. Love Calligraphy

7. AJ Dimarucot

8. Raghad House

9. Arabic Calligraphy VII

10. Ornamental Lettering

11. Poems in Calligraphy

12. Arabic Calligraphy

13. I love Paris

14. DiwaniJali

15. Calligraphic Birds

16. Arabic Calligraphy Tree

17. Too Old to Die Young

18. In 2012…

19. Type Lovers Project

20. Lettering Collection

21. Rebel Squad

22. Calligraphy

23. Tongue and Pen

24. Quranic Calligraphy – Elephant

25. Calligraphy 8


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